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Singapore Business & Consumer Databases

Client Reviews


Mary Toh, Offshore Property Management

Our company has been subscribing to the Singapore property agent database for 2 years now. The data is highly accurate and updated.

Ryan Poon, Transport & Mover

This database has generated a constant flow of referrals for our home mover services. I am very satisfied with the results.

Lawrence Chia, Automotive Garage

Our car garage has seen a growth of 54% in revenue within 2 months after performing a SMS campaign using this database.

Shirley Lim, MLM Recruitment

Our MLM recruitment drive was very successful after we ran a SMS and Email campaign using the databases.


Catherine Tay, Direct Sales

I bought the consumer database and ran an email campaign over 1 week period. The campign was overwhelmed with potential client replies.

Willie, Insurance Agent

The database price is at least 40% lower than other vendors. I am able to see a growth in my clientele base by using the databases in my telemarketing campaign.

Fardis, Travel Agency

Our Asean booking trips increase by almost 2 folds by running a SMS campaign using the databases.

Doris Lim, Studio Photographer

For a small business like mine, it has always been difficult and costly to gain clients. By using these databases in my email campaigns, my schedule is fully packed with 2 months waiting time.

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